Turkish Foreign Ministry claims US-backed Kurds cooperate with terrorists

17.11.2017, Turkey.

Kurdish PYD groups supplied by the US with lethal weapons cooperate with terrorist when they can benefit from it, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu claimed on the 16th of November, Interfax reports.

Turkish diplomat claimed in his speech that “international coalition member countries, mainly the USA, could not refute” the information on Kurdish organization PYD (Democratic Union Party – Syrian branch of Kurdistan Workers’ Party – ed.) made a corridor for terrorist of ISIL (organization banned in Russia) from Raqqa to Deir ez-Zor with the Western coalition being aware of the deed.

Çavuşoğlu concluded that “they cooperate with terrorist organizations when needed, and when it is not needed – they fight or pretend to fight them”.

According to Turkey’s Minister, US-backed Kurdish organization’s goal is not to fight against ISIL (organization banned in Russia) terrorists but to establish control over territories.

In connection with the above Çavuşoğlu compared politics of the USA and the Western coalition towards their Kurdish allies with the mistakes, which have been done in Iraq.

PYD is the Syrian branch of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), the latter was recognized in Turkey to be a terrorist organization. PKK struggles for the establishment of a Kurdish autonomy in the region with Kurdish population in the southwest of Turkey. Experts emphasize that PKK’s goal can also be an establishment of a national state in the region with Kurdish population on the border of Turkey, Syria, and Iraq.

BBC published a report named “Raqqa’s dirty secret” two days before the speech. According to the report, the US-led coalition in cooperation with PYD let about 4 thousand people, including armed ISIL (organization banned in Russia) terrorists with their families, out of the city of Raqqa unhindered, wherein PYD rented transport for the terrorists.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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