European Parliament MP: The Left chose mainstream and now it is going with the flow

08.11.2017, Russia.

Modern left-wing opportunism leads to a one-sided view of the events of the Russian Revolution, said Tatjana Ždanoka, the first Russian member of the European Parliament on November 5 at the Sofia club open meeting, the correspondent of the Rossa Primavera News Agency reports.

“I am disappointed with the way many political figures, even those on the Left, comment on the events of the Russian Revolution. This is some one-sided view and an attempt to go mainstream, which is unacceptable for the leftist parties. An attempt to fit in and go with the flow is a problem for the left, most of all for the leftists in the Russian parliament. They are not a true opposition. They do not offer their perspective on history and current events to the people.”

As for the policy of the European left, their discourse is concerned with improving the material well-being, “raising or lowering the benefits and so on”, but no one talks about new global ideas and projects. This primarily applies to modern European social democrats, who’s policies are focused on purely material values, while forgetting about the ascension of humanity.

The EU is not talking about the idea of a “common European house,” noted Tatjana Ždanoka. Every politician speaks about private interests of the EU member states and not of a common denominator. A similar situation turned out to be fatal for the USSR.

“The thoughtless expansion of the EU at the expense of the Eastern European countries, in fact, turned out to be neocolonialism. New states are used as markets for Western products. As a result, they killed their own industry, there are no jobs. The migration of workers to Western Europe began. Saturation of their local labor markets took place “

Similarities between the events of 100 years and 25 years ago are apparent more and more, noted in the conclusion of her speech Tatjana Ždanoka.

The issue of restructuring the modern world is extremely acute, and the future of mankind depends on how it’s answered.

An open meeting of the Sofia Club took place on November 5 in Moscow. The topic of the meeting is “Left Alternatives for Europe”. The International Sofia Club was established in the capital of Bulgaria in 2013.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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