Uniates: Struggle is possible only through murder

12.10.2017, Russia.

Researcher Victoria Maksimova, at the conference “Ukrainism: Who constructed it and why”, on October 11, called the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church one of the key organizers of Euromaidan in Ukraine, Rossa Primavera News Agency reports.

“The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church not only supported the Euromaidan; it became one of its key organizers,” said the researcher, who investigated Greek Catholics involvement in organizing first the Lvov, then the Kiev Maidan.

Justifying her position on Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church’s role in the Euromaidan, the researcher quoted the sermon of Mikhail Arsenich, a mitred priest of the UGCC Kolomyisk-Chernovitsk diocese (Ivano-Frankovsk Region), which he delivered at the height of the Maidan, “Would the UIA [the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, which fought Soviet troops alongside German Nazis, and bears responsibility for the mass slaughter of civilians – editor’s note] militants have tolerated Tabachniks and Yanukovichs today?! Only by attentat [German: attempted murder – editor’s note] you can fight! There is no language with the enemy other than the rustle of the woods, the rustle of ropes, on which the communists shall hang! The rustle that calls to the hearts of every one of us: take weapons in hand, and cast off fear!”

Maksimova stressed the Ukrainian Catholic University’s role as a driver for the  Euromaidan.

The scientific-practical conference “Ukrainism: Who constructed it and why” which is taking place in Moscow on October 11 and 12, was organized by Essence of Time social movement and Experimental Creative Centre International Public Foundation.

The emphasis of the researchers, who are presenting a monograph by the same name via the conference, is not on real history of Ukraine, which is firmly connected with Russian history, but the fundamentally anti-Russian construct of “Ukrainism”, which had been created over many centuries, and which the present Ukrainian regime is actively implementing.

Throughout the conference, the “Ukrainism” construct’s key formative moments are being analyzed in detail; the common logic of its evolution is being delineated; its modern forms and its most dangerous prospects of development are being discussed.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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