US school teacher fired for teaching children the Nazi salute

24.09.2017, USA.

A substitute teacher at Georgia Elementary and Middle School in Vermont (USA) was fired for teaching children the Nazi salute. This was announced by the school’s principal Ned Kirsch on September 22, Vermont’s online news portal Seven Days reports.

Ned Kirsh wrote to the parents about the incident in detail – “The children were standing with their arm out in front of them and the teacher was modeling the position. She then raised her arm slightly and said, ’And now we say, Hail Hitler’” The teacher admitted that she replicated the Nazi salute words and gesture in front of the children and was “immediately relieved” from the job straight after.

The school administration is shocked and doesn’t understand how this could happen with a teacher who had a good reputation. The school apologized to the parents of its students.

Along with the demolition of Confederate monuments, the popularity of racist organizations supporting Nazism is growing in the United States. A torch procession that was similar to the ones staged by Nazis in Germany [e.g. torchlight parade through the Brandenburg Gate on 30 January 1933 – translator’s note] took place during Charlottesville Rally on August 12.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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