Police in Afghanistan detains child traffickers

22.09.2017, Afganistan.

Smugglers who were trying to smuggle five children out of the country have been detained by the police in the Afghan province of Paktia, Afghanistan.ru reports on September 22.

Three people have been detained. According to law enforcement, they planned to send the children to special camps to be trained as terrorists. Pakistani identification documents have been seized from the criminals. The police also found out that they had an agreement with the Pakistani police, allowing them to cross the border unrestricted.

“The children were taken by the contrabandists from the Zurmat district to the Patanpur district in an attempt to smuggle them across the border, in order to prepare them to participate in terrorist acts”, states the chief of the province police, Brigadier General Toryalay Abdani.

The criminals acted according to a known scheme – their relatives were convinced that the children were being sent to Pakistan to receive religious education.

Investigators do not deny that the criminals might have been planning to use the children for sexual purposes.

The case about human trafficking has been handed over to court.

The freed children will be sent back to their families.

Today, human trafficking has grown to enormous proportions. According to UN data, currently more than 40 million people are being used as labor or sexual slaves, 29 million of them are women and girls. Up until recently, one of the biggest entities which used people as slaves is ISIL (organization banned in Russia). According to the UN report, as of January 16, 2016, 3.5 thousand people were being held captive by the Islamists, mostly women and children.

 Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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