Russian journalist abducted in Kiev

30.08.2017, Ukraine.

On Wednesday, August 30, Anna Kurbatova, the Russian Channel One reporter was abducted in Kiev, the channel reports.

“According to our information, Anna Kurbatova was detained by the SBU,” the Channel One anchor said. At the moment, the channel has no contact with the journalist.

Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary for the President of Russia, informed that there is no accurate information yet, but definitely “all possible efforts will be taken to clarify the situation.”

Earlier Anna Kurbatova was included into the Mirotvorets Ukrainian radical web-site’s database and accused of “information manipulation” and making “biased footage” about Ukraine’s Independence Day celebration.

State Duma members have already urged the European Union to condemn the kidnapping of Anna Kurbatova.

Elena Gitlyanskaya, the representative of the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU, Ukrainian: SBU) confirmed the detention of Anna Kurbatova by the Security Forces. She also noted that the SBU was acting according to the laws of Ukraine which is being the legal state, according to Gitlyanskaya.

Reportedly the journalist has been deported from Ukraine and banned from entering the country for three years

Editorial comment

According to the classical and commonly accepted definition, the term “legal state”, which the SBU officer referred to in her statement, is applicable to a state that is able to guarantee legal relations, legal equality, and to defend the rights of its citizens.

The recent 2017 UN “Report on the human rights situation in Ukraine” notes the multiple cases of torturing of the detainees, illegal imprisonment, and murders committed by the SBU.

Considering these facts, it can be concluded that the SBU has become a punitive tool of the Kiev junta rather than Ukraine being the legal state. The fact that Ukraine is pretending to be a legal state does not help since the West has already presented its position in the UN report.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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