Happy birthday, Kolyuchy!

26.06.2017, DPR.

Today is the birthday of Kolyuchy, our brother and comrade-in-arms!

Kolyuchy is one of the pillars of the Essence of Time unit in Donbass, he is a reliable friend, experienced, desperately brave, and at the same time careful warrior. He is a father to his soldiers and a very unpleasant surprise for the enemy.

Kolyuchy saved many lives of the unit’s soldiers in the most literate sense of this word. His indomitable will and love of life could be an example for any commander of our Armed Forces. He is making the Day of our Victory closer with his daily military service. He is learning by himself and teaching the young soldiers.

Today, we celebrate his birthday with him, and we wish him military luck, human happiness, good health. We wish him to go all the way to the Victory, to see with his own eyes the just society he is dreaming to pass on to his children and grandchildren.

Source: “Essence of Time” unit in Donbass

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