Increasing numbers of military equipment observed in Mariupol

19.07.2017, Donbass.

In Mariupol, increasing numbers of military equipment and Ukrainian servicemen are being observed; they are acting very aggressively towards the city population, the director of the Forum for Saving Mariupol civic organization, Irina Popova, reported on July 13 during a briefing in Donetsk, the Donetsk News Agency reports.

Residents of Mariupol report that Ukrainian military members arriving in the city are terrorizing residents. They invade homes and take away property at gunpoint. Recently, the Ukrainian army performed exercises of the border guards in the city using aviation, which the city population perceived as aggressive.

In particular, Popova said that “Our people are most concerned about Ukrainian tanks entrenched immediately behind residential buildings and in gardens. For example, members of the Energetik dacha community have complained that Ukrainian servicemen are violating the law.” “Furthermore, according to their reports, Ukrainian soldiers say that they arrived to the Dachny village in order to hunt ‘game’. Shooting by drunken soldiers has been reported. This behavior leaves no room for any moral, universal, or human values,” she added.

According to Popova, in Mariupol “civilians continue to be killed and to go missing, while the official authorities do not investigate such crimes.”

Recently, even the western media, which are generally loyal to Ukraine, have reported on the Ukrainian army’s low morale. For example, in May of this year, a French web resource AgoraVox published an article stating that “the Ukrainian army is falling apart because of corruption.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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