Russian Foreign Ministry: OSCE must discuss NATO’s reckless policy of deterrence against Russia

11.07.2017, Russia.

The Russian Federation is going to bring up the topic of NATO’s policy of deterring Russia at the upcoming unofficial OSCE foreign ministers’ meeting, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s says in its commentary to the meeting published at its web site on July 10.

The ministers’ meeting proposed by Sebastian Kurz, the Foreign Minister of Austria, which currently presides over the OSCE, is to be held on July 11 in Mauerbach. The Russian delegation plans to raise the topic of NATO’s policy of deterring Russia in the form of propagating the alliance’s infrastructure towards Russia’s borders and the increasing intensity of military exercises in adjacent countries. Russia perceives this course as a threat to European security. “Most of the exercises are anti-Russian and provocative in nature,” the Russian Foreign Ministry says in the commentary.

On July 10, the US-Ukrainian Sea Breeze-2017 exercises began in the Black Sea. Also, the NATO contingents in the Baltic States and Poland have recently been reinforced. Components of the anti-missile defense have been deployed to Poland and Romania. NATO continues to operate after the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, its opponent of the Cold War era. In 1949, George Kennan in his so-called “long telegram” suggested that deterrence policy should be used against the USSR. According to a statement by the Stratfor analytical center, which is also called “the shadow CIA”, dated August 2015, this deterrence policy is based on a geopolitical imperative of preventing the rise of any regional leader that could be capable of challenging the United States.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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