Fighters from Kiev junta’s punitive operation blocks Poroshenko’s reception office

22.06.2017, Ukraine.

On June 19, fighters of Kiev junta’s punitive operation in Donbass blocked President Poroshenko’s Reception Office, reports Regnum News Agency citing the Ukrainian media.

Protesters broke into the President’s Reception Office and blocked its activity. According to Ukrainian media, the protest was organized by the Revolutionary Right Forces headed by Bronislav Sukhiy, mothers of the Ukrainian Army servicemen that perished in Donbass took part in the protest as well.

Protesters held picket signs: “Impeachment to Poroshenko”, “Poroshenko is not the President of ours”, “NO to illegal authorities”. The protesters demanded to declare an impeachment to the President, release Yury Zabolotny, the activist of the Revolutionary Right Forces, who was arrested on June 15 due to being suspected in state coup preparations. Speaking at the President’s Reception Office Sukhiy stated that Kiev junta’s punitive operation experiences mass repressions, “Authorities are trying to suppress discontented moods among fighters of the ATO (i.e. “anti-terrorist operation”, as the Kiev junta calls its punitive operation in Donbass – editor’s note). Zabolotny turned to be a person, who was put into jail with no charge or trial. We don’t need this kind of authority.”

Before the start of street demonstrations, punitive forces of the Aidar Battalion brawled with the national security officers. Ukrainian President Poroshenko paid a visit to the United States to meet with the US President Donald Trump.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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