Kurginyan: The “Holy nineties” are an antithesis to the period that followed

08.06.2017, Russia.

The attempt to introduce a thesis of the “Holy nineties” into the public conscience is part of an anti-government game, the leader of the Essence of Time movement, Sergey Kurginyan, said on June 7 at the Evening with Vladimir Solovyov TV show on the air of the Russian Channel One.

“I hope it is clear to everyone that the president’s widow is a very intelligent, calm, and politically accurate person, and that this kind of withdrawal from the formula of the ‘turbulent 1990-ies’ was made at certain moment and for a certain political reason; therefore, this is not a figure of speech but rather an accurate and precise political move. Indeed, the entire ideology has been based on the idea that the remedy against the ‘turbulent ‘90s’ is the period that followed. If, however, those were ‘holy’ nineties but not ‘turbulent’ nineties, then the following period must be their antithesis,” Sergey Kurginyan said.

Sergey Kurginyan pointed at a specific political institute that has become the center for the promotion of this political project, “And we see what exactly the Yeltsin Center is doing. Their main brand is ‘Yeltsin, come and take Putin away!’, ‘Who is not jumping is Dimon’ (this is a variation of a Ukrainian junta’s chants ‘Bandera, come and make order’ ‘Who is not jumping is a moskal’; ‘Dimon’ is an insulting nickname of Dmitry Medvedev ― Editor) and so on. The Yeltsin Center has virtually become the main anti-government center in the Ural region. The message about the ‘turbulent nineties’ vs. the ‘Holy nineties’ is part of the political struggle that we will be facing in the coming years.”

The leader of the Essence of Time movement reiterated that one cannot call a period that halved the industrial potential of the country “Holy”, which can only be possible as a result of a war. In that time, major effective plants were divided in a way that made them ineffective; also, the defense industry and its groundbreaking inventions were ruined, “All that was swept by a swirl of criminal orgy that took away so many lives. A certain color was added by conflicts etc.; therefore, the disaster of the 1990s cannot be called ’Holy‘,” ― Sergey Kurginyan said.

The Boris Yeltsin’s widow at a presentation of her book Private Life suggested that the 1990s should be considered “Holy” years.

The Yeltsin Center located in Yekaterinburg is committed to popularize the period of 1990s as a time of unprecedented flourishing of democracy in Russia.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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