Radicals incite fight after court session on the case of the "Odessa Khatyn"

04.06.2017, Ukraine.

Right Sector (organization banned in the Russia) incited fighting near the building of the Black Sea Court in Odessa on June 2, after a court hearing on the case of the “Odessa Khatyn”, the Anti-Maidan group reported on VKontakte*.

Activists of the Ukrainian Right Sector organization(organization banned in Russia), came to the court hearing dealing with the multiple deaths of people in the Odessa House of Trade Unions to prevent a change in pre-trial detention measures and the release of anti-Maidan activists. After the hearing, the Nazis surrounded the lawyer of the anti-Maidans. The lawyer had to use a taser. In response, the Nazis began a fight.

The massacre of people in Odessa occurred on May 2, 2014. On this day, a football match took place in the city, for which football fans gathered from all over the country. After the match, there were massive clashes between Ultras and Odessa anti-fascists in the city center.

A crowd of angry fans went to the Kulikovo Field to smash the anti-Maidan’s tent city. The inhabitants of the tents hurried to hide in the House of Trade Unions, where they were the Ukrainian neo-Nazis locked them inside and burned them alive. According to the Ukrainian side, 48 people were killed in the fire. Odessa police did not take any measures to end the violence and to rescue the people.

After the massacre, a criminal case was opened. Despite numerous video and photo evidence, none of the members of the Right Sector (organization banned in Russia) were charged. Instead, several surviving anti-Maidan activists were indicted. To date, the accused have been in custody for more than 3 years.

* Russian social network vk.com

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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