Rossa Primavera News Agency: Senator Mizulina reports on creation and implementation of forced foster care system

30.05.2017, Russia.

On May 30, Russian Senator Elena Mizulina said during a TASS press conference that a forced foster care system has been not only created, but implemented, reports the Rossa Primavera News Agency.

Our correspondent summarizes Senator Elena Mizulina’s speech, “The outcome is that a forced foster care system has not only been created, but implemented, involving all families with children. The system can have different names, for example, the system of identifying children suffering hardships.”

According to the senator, the core activity of the forced foster care system is taking children out of their families via a gigantic system of “substitutional environment” institutions, where children can be temporarily placed. Mizulina links system’s taking its final form with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets’ activity of 2016. She had immediately created advisory boards and government committees, which she herself heads. These bodies’ decisions have become mandatory.

Regarding Elena Mizulina’s report, the correspondent informs, that “Golodets took interagency cooperation as the system’s foundation, and she applied it to social sector. She transformed a system of preventive measures targeting child neglect and ill-being into a service market, which starts acting once a signal is received about any child’s ill-being. The Support for Children in Difficult Life Circumstances Foundation played an important role in developing the standards and norms.”

Today, on May 30, Elena Mizulina participated in the TASS press conference, where an alternative report on the abduction of children from their families and Russian child protective services activity is to be presented to the public.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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