The Third Congress of the All-Russian Parents’ Resistance: Overview

08.05.2017, Russia.

This is the translation of the series of the presentations and the resolution of the Third Congress of the All-Russian Parents’ Resistance (the ARPR) organization. The Third Congress titled “The Impending Catastrophe and How to Combat It”  was held in Moscow on April 15th. Delegates from 64 regional offices arrived at the event. Members of The Federation Council and State Duma also participated, along with ombudsmen for children’s rights from a number of regions, clergy from various denominations, family and children’s experts that work in science, the arts, and education, from other parental organizations.

Participants gathered to discuss paramount social and political questions. For example, an alternative report from the RVS organization to the President of Russia with an analysis of child protection services’ practices of removing children from families was presented during the Congress together with a strategic report on the political situation in Russia by Sergey Kurginyan, the leader of the “Essence of Time” movement.

Opening speech by Sergey Kurginyan:

Sergey Kurginyan [Petr Danilov © Rossa Primavera News Agency]

Three scenarios for the future are possible according to the “Essence of Time” leader, and two of them are completely unacceptable: a “hot” war between Russia and the US, two nuclear powers, or Russia’s capitulation. The third scenario is to “rapidly and correctly” establish a new type of relationship, when Russia declares firmly that it is not a part of the Western world with its “forced foster care systems and dehumanizing gender quirks”.

Speech by the chairwoman of the ARPR organization Maria Mamikonyan:

Maria Mamikonyan, the chairwoman of the ARPR organization [© Rossa Primavera News Agency]

Maria Mamikonyan spoke about the practice of the abduction children from families by child protective services. RVS chairwoman’s speech also acted as the presentation of the RVS’ report to the Russian president about the practice of abducting children from families in Russia.

Speech by human rights activist Maxim Zhilenkov from Germany:

Maxim Zhilenkov [© Rossa Primavera News Agency]

Human rights activist Maxim Zhilenkov, from Germany, told the delegates of the Third Congress of the All-Russian Parents’ Resistance organization about the consequences of the system of forced foster care using the example of Germany.

Speech by human rights activist Vera Rodionova from Spain:

the Third Congress of the All-Russian Parents’ Resistance organization
© Rossa Primavera News Agency

An investigation has made it possible to conclude that the roots of the Spanish system of forced foster care come from fascist organizations. Such a conclusion emerges from factual data provided by members of the Spanish anti-child-trafficking movement “Turquoise Wave” (Spanish: Marea Turquesa),  Spanish human rights activist Vera Rodionova stated in her speech.

Speech by the ARPR activist Oleg Barsukov from Saint-Petersburg:

“The Sale of the Child Slave”. Vasily Vereshchagin, 1872.

The attorney of the St. Petersburg Bar Association drew attention to the fact that the institution of paid family care, widely introduced recently in Russia, has existed in the United States for a long time, and it has shown a number of fundamental shortcomings.

Speech by the ARPR activist Andrey Trubnikov from Bryansk:

Andrey Trubnikov [© Rossa Primavera News Agency]

The RVS activist spoke about large youth groups in social networks which are created using the principles of psychological pressure, intimidation, and terror. For example, participants of such groups are offered to anonymously post the contact information about their so-called “enemies” and to organize their “punishment”.

The resolution of the III Congress of the All-Russian Parents’ Resistance non-profit organization:

In this highly probable case, only forming a reasonable and enlightened self-identity for Russia based on a clearly formulated difference between the Russian and Western identities, and especially between those of Russia and the new anti-humanistic West, which is being formed before our very eyes, can give the system a new outline; and by doing so, it can spare Russia from revolts and turmoil resulting from the actions of pro-Western intrasystemic forces, which have made their choice, refusing, under these new tensions, to serve Russia for the sake of serving the West.

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