Lugansk People’s Republic restores electricity after Kiev blackout

25.04.2017, LPR.

On April 25, Roman Kamyshov, a representative of the Ministry of Fuel, Energy and Coal Industry, in his interview to the Lugansk Information Centre, said that the Lugansk People’s Republic has restored electricity to nearly all of its territory.

After Kiev stopped supplying electricity to the territory of the Republic, the LPR had to perform work emergently to restore power.

Kamyshov said that despite the expected blackout from the Ukrainian side, the Republic has switched to its own power system without any difficulties. There were no accidents or emergencies. All of the Republic’s enterprises are operating as usual.

Previously, the Ministry of Energy and Coal Mining of Ukraine announced its decision to stop supplying electricity to the Lugansk People’s Republic starting from April 25. Lugansk reacted sober-mindedly to Kiev’s statement.  The Chairman of the Lugansk People’s Republic’s Council of Ministers informed that power will be restored on the territory within four hours. In this case, Lugansk will not provide electricity to the Kiev-controlled territories.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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