Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) desecrated and burglarized in Odessa

In the early hours of April 23, the thieves disabled the alarm system, broke the window guard, and they intruded into the Church of the Great Martyr Demetrius of Thessalonica in Odessa. The intruders stole the donations collected by parishioners for the needy; they broke an icon, and they stole its decorations. Also, they poured oil and wine on priests’ vestments, damaged church items, and they put dirt into food prepared for the poor.

According to the report, the burglars acting in the church remained unnoticed by the security personnel who arrived at the scene.

The Diocese reminded that in recent years, almost fifty cathedrals of the Odessa Diocese have been subject to similar blasphemous attacks.

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Leader of Donetsk People's Republic: “Kiev has attacked foreigners from the OSCE mission”

“We have always said that the mission’s security is one our top priorities. Though we cannot prevent all aggressive actions from the Ukrainian side,” states Zakharchenko. “We are ready to take additional steps to provide the OSCE mission with security.”

Also, Aleksandr Zakharchenko told that Kiev authorities have been trying for a long time to “pull a third force into the conflict” to use it later for provocations on an international level.

“This attempts to pull a third force into the conflict has failed, and Kiev has hit foreigners from the OSCE mission. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian was successful in their provocation,” the Head of the Republic summarized.

Two cars exploded on 23 April; one officer from the OSCE mission died, and three were wounded.

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RVS (All-Russian Parents Resistance) Expert: We cannot allow our children to become cannon fodder for a new “führer”

Andrey Trubnikov also drew attention to the fact that the participants of these groups were specifically recruited to participate in protests. For example, Navalny’s supporters used similar methods to terrorize a Bryansk teacher, who urged students not to support dubious and questionable street actions. “It is inconceivable in the 21st century to see a teacher be terrorized for daring to have a different opinion. A gang of scoundrels (what else can we call them?) threatened to burn her, to put her on the stake, to kill her husband. Later the woman said in an interview that she was not the only one who was harmed, but also her child was driven to despair and made to faint. Also, “Navalny’s headquarters” suggested that school children “give information” about their offenders promising to blacklist them and to ’most certainly subject them to lustrations’ them after ‘our victory’”, the activist said.

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Ukrainian army intensified the shelling of DPR territory in the evening

According to information from Gorlovka, combat erupted in the area of Zaytsevo, Shirokaya Balka, and in the area of “Gagarin” (Glubokaya) coal mine in the evening. The Ukrainian army actively utilized mortars and heavy machine guns.

The situation is tense in the outskirts of Donetsk. Since the afternoon, the Ukrainian side has been shelling the “Yasinovataya” checkpoint. The distant sounds of explosions can be heard in the Kuybyshevsky and Kievsky districts of the DPR capital.

The Ukrainian army is provoking combat near Dokuchaevsk and on the Mariupol part of the front.

There is no information on the victims among civilians and destructions of the civil infrastructure.

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Trench combat occasionally erupts at the contact line in DPR

The main news of the day was the explosion of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission’s car on an anti-tank mine in Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR). One representative of the mission Josef Stone, of British citizenship, was killed, two OSCE monitors from Germany and Czech Republic were wounded. It became known that the car was off the beaten path and was traveling on a secondary road. The secondary road is 2 km away from the contact line, and the local residents do not use this road. According to LPR People’s Militia Command, the explosive device was placed by the Ukrainian sabotage-recon group.

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