City of Perm Commissioner for Children's Rights approves discrimination of children without a father

21.04.2017, Russia.

A law in the Perm Region, deprivating single mothers of benefits for the birth of their first child was supported by the children’s ombudsman for the Perm Region, Pavel Mikov. This was announced on April 19 by the Channel 5 TV Channel.

In support of his position for discriminating against children without fathers, Mikov said, “At least it will make young mothers today think about whom they join their lives with, what kind of man they want to marry or have a child with. If she met an irresponsible man, then sorry, this is her choice, and the state should not have to support these negative social phenomena. This is our principled position.” When journalists asked what women who became pregnant as a result of rape should do, Pavel Mikov hung up the phone.

According to the Perm Region law, which went into force on January 1, 2017, mothers aged 19 to 24 years received the right to a one-time payment of 60 thousand rubles (approximately 990 Euros). However, it turned out that Perm Region Legislative Assembly member  Sergey Kleptsin, the coordinator of the “Each child is important to Russia ” campaign by the “United Russia”party, introduced an amendment to the law, according to which the child must have a father. Thus, single mothers do not receive benefits. In an interview with the NTV channel, Sergey Kleptsin defended his initiative in this way, “We must understand that the emergence of such random children happens after discos and partying.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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