Donbass with Texas. Episode 31: DPR special forces increase their professionalism

Special forces units of various defense and law enforcement agencies of Donetsk People’s Republic regularly increase their level of professionalism by participating in tactical shooting competitions.

One of such competitions recently took place at the training grounds of the Republican Tactical Shooters Federation near Donetsk. Teams of Legion special risk unit of DPR Ministry of Emergency Situations, Financial and Economic Police Special Operations Department, Vostok DPR Interior Ministry’s, and the Republican Guard competed for the “DPR Republican Guard Commander’s Cup”.

The competition included obstacle course running, team Cooper test, pushing an APC, hand-to-hand combat, and tactical shooting exercises. All teams demonstrated good results.

“Our comrades in the Republican Guard took the championship for the whole competition. Vostok did pretty good too, they won the shooting competition. But all these guys here have so much to be proud for. Not only are they defending their own land and their own families. These are the best of the best, these are experts. This is spetsnaz Donbass,” war correspondent Russell Bentley, also known as Texas, said.

According to the organizers, the main goal of holding such competitions is to increase the level of professionalism and coordination of the warriors, as well as the exchange of experience between different special forces units.

We have earlier reported that special forces units from DPR and LPR participated in a competition on February 25 near Donetsk. 13 teams participated in the championship – 8 from Donetsk and 5 from Lugansk. The participants honed their skills in shooting from various positions and shooting on the move. In these days of another escalation at the front, such competitions are of extreme importance as they allow to identify the gaps in the combat training of the servicemen and in the coordination between the units.

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