Ukrainian army is provoking combat at all parts of the front in DPR

On the north direction, the northern and western suburbs of Gorlovka, the villages of Dolomitnoye, Zaytsevo, Shirokaya Balka, and Ozeryanovka came under fire. Ukrainian military utilized mortars of various calibers, machine guns, automatic grenade launchers and recoilless anti-tank guns.
The situation is tense on the Donetsk direction. In the area of the “Yasinovataya” checkpoint and of Avdeevka industrial zone, Ukrainian military continue provoking DPR PM units to return fire. In the night, the Ukrainian army shelled the western suburbs of Donetsk, one house in the village of Trudovskiye was damaged. In the afternoon, Yasinovataya, the villages of Yakovlevka, Zhabichevo, and Spartak were heavily shelled by the Ukrainian artillery. Around 40 artillery and mortar shells were fired.

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Mine clearance is postponed because of lack of readiness from OSCE

The inspection of the plant was postponed until 2 PM allowing the OSCE representatives to take part in it as is stipulated by Clause 3 of the document on the mine action. The representatives of the DPR PM, DPR Ministry of Emergency Situation, Joint Centre for Ceasefire Control and Coordination in Donbass, as well as the representatives of Water Donbass Company met at 10.30 AM, but the OSCE representatives did not arrive.
The Ukrainian side claimed that they are clearing Donetsk water filtration plant of the mines by themselves which violates the rules [set by the document on the mine action]. “The document clearly spells that the OSCE representatives must be present,” the source said.

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Kurginyan: The remaining economic ties between Kiev and Donbass are being broken

The political scientist stressed that the economic ties between Donbass and the [political] center of Ukraine were the one last element sustaining the integrity of Ukraine. Now, the Ukrainian side “unilaterally cut these ties”.
“Madmen did it [started the blockade of coal shipment – Rossa Primavera News Agency]. The madmen, who, on the one hand, are talking about their wish to have Donbass with them. On the other hand, they are pushing Donbass away as firmly as they can, they are cutting off everything and pushing it [Donbass] in the opposite direction. A madman is more dangerous than a villain. The worst situation is when one is both madman and villain,” Sergey Kurginyan summarized.

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Boris Kustodiev. Bolshevik, 1920

Kurginyan: When the elite display cowardice and refuse to act – the people take power

During the show, Sergey Kurginyan noted that when the relevant elite refuse to act instead of joining the people, ordinary people take their place. “Akhmetov should have been on the side of his rebellious people, of his miners, on the forefront. If [he] had been on the forefront, he would have his business and everything afterward. But at that moment, he tried to sit on two chairs,“ the political scientist said.
“Zakharchenko was nothing comparing to [the President of Ukraine Viktor] Yanukovich. In this lies the revolutionary situation,” the political scientist noted. “This is the mechanism by which revolutionary leaders emerge. How did this mechanism develop? It became possible because the relevant elite acted like cowards and refused to act, started crying and whining. And then the ordinary people came. They took power. They are not perfect; they are not absolute, they do what they can. But they do it, and this is what happened in all of the flashpoints.”

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Kurginyan: The people of Donbass are defending their right to live

Yes, it is possible that the life in Ossetia [could have been easier] if [Ossetians] decided to resign themselves to Georgia’s control thus giving up the Ossetic language and much more, ceratin essential things. But peoples defend their right to live they see fit. They [peoples] defend this right, and the heroic people of Donbass are defending this right themselves. That Russia is supporting them [the people of Donbass] in every legal way is a secondary question. If they [the people of Donbass] did not want to defend this right, they would not have defended it

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