SBU’s attempts to recruit LPR militiamen’s relatives become systematic

26.01.2017, LPR.

The attempts of Security Service of Ukraine (SSU, Ukrainian: SBU) to compel the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) militiamen’s relatives, residing on the territory occupied by the Ukrainian military, and citizens of the Republic to gather reconnaissance data have become systematic, the Head of the Public Relations Center of LPR Ministry for State Security Evgenia Liubenko stated during a briefing in Lugansk Information Center. SBU officers are using blackmail and threats in their work.

“Almost every day, LPR Ministry for State Security receives information on the recruitment of our citizens, who are crossing the contact line. As a rule, such incidents take place at “Stanitsa Luganskaya” checkpoint. SBU unlawfully detains the [LPR] citizens with a view to clarify their ties to LPR militiamen and force them to cooperate. Such behavior of SBU contravenes the international law,” Liubenko stressed.

The LPR People’s Militia major Andrey Marochko recalled that, in October 2016, LPR People’s Militia drew the attention of the public to the unlawful imprisonment of the parents of LPR People’s Militia lieutenant colonel Igor Sidorenko by SBU in order to force the officer to surrender information.

“Now, when the SBU officers have not received required data from [LPR] officer, they continue to look for new sources of information,” major Andrey Marochko stressed.

Evgenia Liubenko urged the local residents to give the information on the cases of illegal acts on the part of SBU.

Earlier in the day, the medical services of LPR People’s Militia private Elena Pasechnik stated that SBU officers compelled her to cooperate by threatening her children. Pasechnik explained that SBU officers have threatened her son, who is a professional soldier in the Ukrainian army, by saying that he will be sent to the zone of so-called “Anti-Terrorist Operation” (which is commonly known as a Kiev junta’s punitive operation – Editor). Her daughter, who is living on the territory controlled by Kiev, was forced to go to LPR in order to get military secrets and classified information from her mother.

LPR Ministry for State Security and People’s Militia repeatedly informed on the facts of blackmailing and threatening of relatives and family members of LPR citizens, in particularly Government employees and servicemen, in order to compel them to reconnoiter for Ukraine.

Source: LuganskInformCenter

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