January 26 Essence of Time unit in Donbass situation report (with map)

The Ukrainian army increased the intensity of the shellings of the front-line territories of Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR).

26.01.2017, DPR.

The Ukrainian army continues to shell the outskirts of Gorlovka city and Zaytsevo village using heavy artillery, tanks, mortars, and grenade launchers.

Krutaya Balka and Spartak villages, the area of former Donetsk airport, Veseloye, Staromikhailovka, Trudovskiye, Signalnoye, and Aleksandrovka villages were shelled on the Donetsk direction. The Ukrainian army used heavy artillery, mortars, grenade launchers, infantry fighting vehicles, and small arms. 8 houses and a gas pipeline were damaged in Petrovsky district of Donetsk city.

Donetsk water filtration plant was shelled using 82mm mortars. This action is aimed at the intimidation of civilians. The mortar shells cannot destroy communications and infrastructure [of the plant], but the shellings damage the equipment causing interruptions in water supply. Also, shrapnel can injure staff and maintenance brigades of Donetsk water filtration plant.

These actions [of the Ukrainian army] can be classified as terrorist acts since they target the civilians rather than DPR Armed Forces.

To the south of Donetsk city, the Ukrainian army shelled Elenovka village and Dokuchaevsk town, where the water supply plants came under fire of 122mm artillery.

On the Mariupol direction, the Ukrainian army shelled Zaichenko, Kominternovo, Leninskoye, Sergeevka, and Sakhanka villages. Sergeevka village was left without electricity. Maintenance crews are working on the restoration of power supply.

DPR People’s Militia recon spotted the arrival of an anti-tank platoon of 9K114 Shturm radio guided anti-tank missile systems. The arrival of snipers was spotted near Avdeevka town.

According to updated information, yesterday, on January 25th, the Ukrainian military criminals violated the ceasefire 875 times. The enemy fired 49 122mm artillery shells, 191 120mm and 82mm mortar shells and 586 grenades of various caliber at the front-line territories of the Republic. The infantry fighting vehicles and small arms were used.

Source: Essence of Time unit in Donbass

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