3 Ukrainian saboteurs dead after tripping a mine while trying to capture DPR positions

29.12.2016, DPR.

A source in DPR People’s Militia informed on the new failed sabotage by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Yesterday a Ukrainian sabotage-recon group consisting of up to 10 men, with the support of artillery, attempted to approach DPR People’s Militia positions in the area of Krutaya Balka village.

“While approaching DPR People’s Militia positions, as a result of tripping a mine on a minefield, three Ukrainian army servicemen died, four received injuries of varying degree of severity, others returned to original positions. The Ukrainian side claimed through the media it controls that it successfully deflected attack of, supposedly, DPR Armed Forces. But if we attacked, how did a corpse of Ukrainian army serviceman end up in the area of our positions?” the source said.

“Kozak”, apparently, was the callsign of the dead Ukrainian saboteur

Essence of Time unit in Donbass

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