Residents of Ukraine-occupied town in Donbass lynched three Nazi battalion militants

24.12.2016, Donbass.

Residents of Kiev-controlled Krasnogorovka town in Donbass took the law in their own hands and lynched three Nazi battalion militants, stated DPR Deputy Operations Commander Eduard Basurin during his daily briefing in Donetsk News Agency.

“A sauna was set on fire when three Nazis were resting there. After this ‘rest’ nobody got out of the sauna alive,” he said.

Basurin did not specify the name of the battalion or any information regarding the militants killed. “This way, we see the extreme degree of hatred local residents feel towards Bandera Nazis, whose crimes force the Ukrainian people itself to rise to fight the aggressors,” Donetsk People’s Republic Deputy Operations Commander concluded.


Source: DPR Defense Ministry video (with English subtitles)

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