LPR servicemen address Ukrainian soldiers who continue breakthrough attempts near Debaltsevo

22.12.2016, Donbass.

LPR People’s Militia servicemen who defend the approaches to Debaltsevo addressed Ukrainian army’s soldiers who continue the breakthrough attempts in this area.

In their address the servicemen urged Ukrainian soldiers to think why the current Kiev regime sends them to die.

“Guys! We address you – ordinary soldiers, not Nazis, but the ordinary Ukrainian army soldiers. You have a lot of normal guys there – let’s turn the weapons against one enemy, and get this finished with quickly and start building a new Ukrainian together, all of us, if you say that you want to have Ukraine,” lieutenant Krasnenko said on behalf of the servicemen.

“Otherwise we will stall for a while. They are indulging in luxury there. Look at ‘Porokh’ (Ukrainian President Poroshenko – LuganskInformCenter)… the European Union is waiting for you… the European Union already told you everything,” he reminded.

“Did your life improve? If not, then think, analyze, and everything will be fine,” the lieutenant urged.

“We are fighting so that everything would be well, for truth. We are fighting for you as well, even though you do not understand this,” Krasnenko explained.

“Who came to power, how did he (Poroshenko – LuganskInformCenter) make his fortune. The man is an alcoholic, what country can he support?”, another serviceman asked.

“Remember what for did you gather on the maidan and what did you get. Was this what you fought for?”, he added.

“We won’t give Debaltsevo to you. Victory in any case will be ours. And if this (breakthrough attempts – LuganskInformCenter) will continue, then everyone of you will get a meter of his own land, as you, though, were promised,” another serviceman of People’s Militia warned.

At the same time Lugansk People’s Republic servicemen noted that they are not afraid of death, but urge Kiev’s military to stay away from civilians.

“What are we, we took up arms and are ready to die. We feel sorry for the kids, the civilian population – old ladies, women,” one of the servicemen noted. “We won’t surrender our positions.”

“We didn’t initiate this war, but we will have to make a stand, and those who came to occupy our positions – they will stay here, but dead,” he warned.

Units of Armed Forces of Ukraine, with the support of artillery, launched breakthrough attempts in the area of Debaltsevo on December 18. According to LPR People’s Militia, up to 40 Ukrainian militants were killed and 50 were injured. Four servicemen of the Republic were killed, five were injured.

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Source: LuganskInformCenter

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