December 9 Essence of Time unit in Donbass situation report (with map)

09.12.2016, DPR.

Gorlovka sector of the front is still active. Ukrainian side provokes trench warfare in northern and western outskirts of the city. The enemy fires mortars, IFV guns, automatic grenade launchers and small arms.

Trudovskie and Aleksandrovka villages on the western outskirt of Donetsk came under Ukrainian artillery fire. During the day Donetsk water filtration plant was shelled at the time of power lines repair works. Active trench warfare is underway in the area of Avdeevka industrial zone and Verkhnetoretskoye village. Kiev’s military fire heavy 152mm artillery, 122mm guns, 82mm and 120mm mortars, small arms.

Dokuchaevsk outskirts south of Donetsk came under Ukrainian fire. There were no reports on casualties and destruction.

Ukrainian artillery opened fire on villages in Telmanovo district of the Republic as well. As a result seven villages of the district, Tavricheskoye, Svobodnoye, Nikolaevka, Grigrievka, Zaporozhets, Lukovo and Derstovo, lost access to power supply.

Sakhanka, Leninskoye and Kominternovo villages were shelled today in Novoazovsky district of DPR. Due to damaged power lines several villages lost access to power supply.

Large activity of foreign mercenaries and instructors on the Ukrainian side is being registered. DPR recon uncovered the presense of military specialists from Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Canada in the zone of conflict.

DPR People’s Militia Command summed up the past week. In the past seven days Ukrainian side opened fire on DPR territory 10603 times. 28 towns and villages came under fire, approximatley 60 buildings were damaged, three civilians were injured. During this time Armed Forces of Ukraine used drones to adjust fire and for air reconnaissance on Donetsk and Mariupol direction 9 times.

Essence of Time unit in Donbass

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