Syrian war heartbeat as of December 8, 11:00 CET

08.12.2016, Syria.

Al Masdar: According to the reports, approximately 10 thousand civilians remain on the territory still controlled by terrorists in the south-east of Aleppo.

08:56 RIA Novosti: Approximately 150 civilians were evacuated from Syrian Aleppo, The International Committee of the Red Cross informed.

Al Masdar: Syrian Arab Army recaptured village in east of Hama province.

09:59 RIA Novosti: China condemns the attack on Russian field hospital in Aleppo, stated China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang.

Al Masdar: Viktor Ozerov, the Federation Council Defense and Security Committee Chair, claimed on Wednesday that the negotiations of the agreement on the permanent Russian military navy base in Tartus are close to an end, PressTV news agency reported.

Source: Syria and Iraq War Pulse Online

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