Syria war situation as of December 8, 20:00 CET

08.12.2016, Syria.

15:19 RIA Novosti. Militants are retreating from Sheikh S’aeed neighborhood in the south of Aleppo, having been crushed by the onslaught of government forces and militia, Libanese Al-Mayadeen TV channel reports.

Al masdar. Syrian troops are advancing on Al Nashabia town in East Ghouta after capturing Hawsh Shalaq.

16:47 RIA Novosti: Several people were injured as a result of by militants’ shelling of al-Fu’ah and Kefriya towns in north-western Syria, Syrian newspaper Al-Watan writes on Thursday.

18:00 Federal News Agency: Local authorities prepared shelter in Jibreen district for Syrian civilians, who had fled districts of Aleppo city.

18:09 RIA Novosti: Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov informed that an agreement on the Saturday meeting of Russian and American military experts in Geneva was reached. The experts will finish writing the document on the Aleppo. He made this statement after a meeting with US State Secretary John Kerry.

18:19 RIA Novosti: Active military activities of Syrian Army in Aleppo are suspended for today, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov informed.

18:37 RIA Novosti: Jabhat al-Nusra (Organization banned in Russia) militants and their allies keep shelling besieged al-Fu’ah and Kefriya towns in the north of Syria for several days straight in response to the advancement of Syrian army in Aleppo, a source in the people’s council (local parliament) of al-Fu’ah and Kefriya told RIA Novosti.

Source: Syria and Iraq War Pulse Online

Note: All time indicated is CET

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