Ukrainian State Protection Service, police, special forces shootout leaves at least 6 dead

04.12.2016, Ukraine.

Ukrainian State Protection Service (SPS) servicemen were shot dead in a work car by police and special forces officers near Kiev, press-secretary of Ukrainian National Police Chief Directorate in Kiev region Nikolai Zhukovich told Ukrainian Vesti news agency.

According to him, SPS squad, which arrived to the Knyazhichi village private sector responding to an alarm, had detained two people that turned out to be policemen participating in the operation to detain a gang of robbers. Then the SPS car approached the house where the robbery was supposed to take place. There fire was opened on the car. It has not been established who fired first.

According to the journalist Konstantin Stogny, the number of those killed in the shootout increased to six. Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko responded to the accident by expressing his condolences to the relatives of those killed and demanded to punish those guilty of the accident.

As earlier informed the Interior Ministry panel member Anton Gerashenko, the shootout between criminal investigation department detectives and special forces operatives on one side and SPS squad on the other side on the night of December 4 took place after SPS servicemen detained the policemen who were watching a gang of robbers. The colleagues of those detained supposedly thought they were in trouble, and approached them on a van. A short shootout erupted, as a result of which at least two SPS servicemen, two policemen and once special forces operative were killed.

Having hear the shots fired, the gangsters law enforcement were after abandoned the idea of robbing and left towards Kiev on two SUVs and were detained by police.

Vitaly Kupry, the Deputy Head of Ukrainian Parliament’s Committee for Legal Provision of Law Enforcement doubted the version of events laid out by Gerashenko and said that there are too many inconsistencies in it.



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