LPR Militiaman asks OSCE to protect his family in Kramatorsk

28.11.2016, LPR.

During a briefing in Lugansk Information Center, Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) militiaman Artem Zakharov addressed the representatives of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission, asking to protect his mother, wife and child threatened by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU).

The Head of the Public Relations Center of LPR Ministry for State Security Evgenia Liubenko noted that “LPR citizens’ relatives, who are living or visiting the territory of Ukraine, are experiencing terror against them carried out by SBU on a daily basis.”

LPR Ministry for State Security repeatedly reported the cases of SBU detaining or arresting our citizens’ relatives, their incrimination of criminal offenses, recruiting, and blackmailing them. All these facts show that SBU officers do not just violate the human rights acknowledged by the international community but consistently adhere the terror tactics,” she stressed.

Complete absence of voluntary informants in Donbass Republics paralyzes their (SBU officers – Editor) activity. Their plans to establish pro-Ukrainian opposition areas failed. They have to use terrorist methods because of such situation, though it does not dismiss the fact that terrorism is becoming state politicy of Ukraine. Militiaman Artem Zakharov’s relatives living in Kramatorsk became yet another victim of the SBU,” Liubenko stated.

Zakharov specified that SBU are using various methods of intimidation, including threatening a small child.

Not so long ago SBU began to intimidate my mother, verbally at first. Then they started pasting my and my mother’s photos onto the fence around her house. It was written in the photos that I am ‘killing the Ukrainian army’. After that, they had broken the windows in her house. Time passed, and they came to my wife and began to intimidate her. She told them that we are divorced,” the militiaman said.

After that, they began to write me via ‘Odnoklassniki’ social network demanding that I start to collaborate with them. I did not answer them. Time had passed, and they sent me a message with a photo of a house, where my ex-wife and our child lived. They wrote that they are going to burn the house together with my family if I do not start to collaborate with them. After that I asked the LPR Ministry for State Security for help”, he explained.

I am addressing the OSCE asking to stop the blackmail, violence, and threats used by Ukrainian Security Services in their work and protect my family,” Zakharov stressed.


Source: LuganskInformCenter

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