LPR Head's address on the Ukraine's Golodomor Remembrance Day

25.11.2016, LPR.

Dear compatriots! Dear fellow countrymen!

On November 26th, Ukraine will hold loud public events, which, honestly, should be calm and family. Indeed, a premature death of relatives and friends, especially of starvation, is an immense grief, which one does not want to make public.

Nevertheless, Ukrainian authorities are making the political show out of the common tragedy for the last 20 years. This show is aimed at sowing discord and enmity between the different nationalities and social groups. Is death interested in the nationality of a man, whom she takes away? Did the hundred thousand people of Volga region and Kazakhstan not die in the 20s-30s of the twentieth century?

About the same time, the people of Romania, Hungary, Poland, Germany, France, Italy and even the USA were also hit hard by the famine. But in these countries, this situation is called “worldwide economic depression” and “Great Depression” rather than “Golodomor”.

During these official ceremonies, why does no one talk about the attempt of Poroshenko’s regime to establish a total blockade of Donbass? This attempt could result in the mass deaths from starvation if there would not be a motherly help from Russia.

On behalf of the Lugansk People’s Republic citizens I claim that we convey our condolences to all who lost their relatives and friends because of the starvation wherever they are living, in Ukraine, in Russia or in Africa… We are always ready to help to anyone who in need. For example, captive Bandera militants received food, water and medical assistance on the same level as the militiamen and peaceful citizens during the blockade of Lugansk. But we strongly condemn the false term “golodomor” meaning intended killing of the Ukrainians by famine.

Those who accuse their former compatriots in being guilty of creation of “golodomors” should finally notice the beam in their own eye and clearly assess the implications of their own policy. The people of Ukraine will hold you responsible for “holodomor“, “tarifomor” and, what is especially important, for “ATO-mor”!*


Source: LuganskInformCenter


* “holodomor“, “tarifomor”, and “ATO-mor” is the wordplay. Their literal meanings are “death because of cold weather” (since Ukrainians have no money to pay for heating), “death because of high public utilities rates” and “ death because of the so-called “Anti-Terrorist Operation” (which is commonly known as a Kiev junta’s punitive operation) – Editor

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