Historical dignity: A series of antifascist expositions in Donetsk (photo report)

12.11.2016, Donetsk.

We have recently visited Donetsk museum of Great Patriotic War where the exposition “Soviet Nuremberg” from the Moscow Central Museum of Great Patriotic War takes place.

Another two expositions arrived to Donetsk from Moscow — “We Fought Nazism Together” is now in Regional Museum and “Battle of Kursk” in Art Museum.

The former exposition tells about the contribution made by each of 15 Soviet Republics, which managed to together withstand the strike of the fascist beast and drive it to its lair. In the years of the war 11038 people were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, including 7998 Russians, 2029 Ukrainians, 299 Belorussians, 161 Tatars, 107 Jews and many representatives of other ethnicities. Victory is the deed of all of the Soviet people.

“We Fought Nazism Together – Ukraine” poster
“We Fought Nazism Together – Azerbaijan” poster
“We Fought Nazism Together – The Baltic States: Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian Republics” poster
“We Fought Nazism Together – Turkmenistan” poster


Vsevolod Grigorievich Kozorez – veteran of the Great Patriotic War who participated in liberation of Ukraine, Poland, Czechoslovakia and stormed Berlin participated in the opening of the expositions.

The Battle of Kursk is one of the most significant parts of the Great Patriotic War and war history of all of humankind. Photos of those times, documents, posters and newspapers are presented on the exposition.

“The Battle of Kursk”


Counterattack of Soviet troops on Orel direction – July12-August 18
Supreme Commander Joseph Stalin
“We will avenge!” Poster photo. May 1943. Photo by A. Shaykhet.



“Forwards!” is the motto of the Guards, “Attack!” is our battle cry!



These expositions in Donetsk museums take place as a part of the common program of DPR and Russian Culture Ministries. According to the representative of Moscow Museum of Great Patriotic War, Vladimir Kiselyov, currently an anti-Bandera Nazi exposition is prepared for arrival to Donetsk. The expositions will stay in Donetsk for approximately a month and then will move to museums of Lugansk People’s Republic. Be sure to see them!


Essence of Time unit in Donbass

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