DPR People’s Council spokesman promised Ukrainian war criminals new “Nuremberg trials” in Donetsk

31.10.2016, Donetsk.

Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) continues to gather the materials for the future trials against the Ukrainian military responsible for war crimes, DPR People’s Council spokesman Denis Pushilin claimed during the opening ceremony of the “Soviet Nuremberg” exposition dedicated to the military tribunals against Nazi criminals in the Soviet Union.

Such expositions are symbolic. They are demonstrating that the criminals will be punished. We also have hope that there will be retribution for all the shellings (of the Republic – Editor) on the part of the Ukrainian side. It is early to say that the war is over, but now we are gathering all materials for the future military tribunals,” he said.

Pushilin stressed that there is a period after each war when all war crimes are being investigated, and the guilty are being punished. “These crimes are not subject to the statute of limitations. During the last videoconference, Kuchma (the President of Ukraine in 1994-2005, current representative of Kiev in Minsk talks – Editor) said that ‘Nuremberg’ will state its final judgment. It is only that we have different understanding of who are ‘criminals’,” he added.

The exposition in Donetsk Museum of the Great Patriotic War is dedicated to the military tribunals against Nazi criminals and their accomplices which took place in the Soviet Union in 1943-1949. DPR People’s Council spokesman Denis Pushilin and the First Deputy Minister of Culture of Russia Vladimir Aristarkhov took part in the opening ceremony.

Following the Decree of the DPR Head Aleksandr Zakharchenko of May 30th, 2016, a special commission was created in the Republic. The commission is aimed at registering and gathering the evidence of war crimes of Kiev junta in Donbass. The commission’s main tasks are documenting the crimes against humanity and war crimes of the Ukrainian army, as well as providing the information on these crimes to the world community.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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