Ukrainian radicals demand to arm the country with nuclear weapons at all costs

26.10.2016, Ukraine.

Leader of Ukrainian Radical Party Oleg Lyashko on October 24 urged in Facebook to restore the “nuclear shield” of the country at all costs.

“Exactly 25 years ago Verkhovnaya Rada (Ukrainian Parliament – Editor) adopted a statement on the non-nuclear status of Ukraine. I am convinced that this was one of the biggest of our mistakes in the process of restoring statehood, for which we pay today in Ukrainians’ blood,” he noted.

According to him, nuclear weapons and a powerful army, not the Budapest Memorandum, must become the main guarantees of independence of Ukraine. “To rely on empty promises and statements of our partners is to deceive ourselves!” he concluded.

Ukrainian Supreme Soviet adopted a statement on the non-nuclear status of Ukraine on October 24, 1991. On December 5, 1994, leaders of Ukraine, USA, Russia and Great Britain signed the Budapest Memorandum on the non-proliferation of nuclear arms. One of the articles of the Memorandum states that the sides protect the territorial integrity of Ukraine. As Ukrainian politicians consider Crimea to be a part of Ukraine, they consider this Memorandum was violated, despite the fact that it was never ratified by the signatories.

A large amount of nuclear weapons was stored on the territory of Ukrainian Soviet Republic (both tactical and strategic). After 1992 the warheads were delivered to Russia, while the missiles were destroyed. After the coup of February 2014, Kiev junta’s generals never spoke about building new nuclear weapons; rather, they were talking about American nuclear weapons being legally deployed in Ukraine.



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