Establishment of far-right party in Ukraine an attempt to legalize neo-Nazism

18.10.2016, Ukraine.

The establishment of the far-right party “National Corps” in Ukraine is an attempt to officially legalize neo-Nazism in the country, the Head of the Centre of Sociological Research “Special Status”, Candidate of Political Sciences Aleksandr Protsenko informed Lugansk Information Center.

He commented on the statement of the Ukrainian nationalists from the so-called civilian “Azov” corps on the establishment of the political party “National Corps”. At the first congress in Kiev, they elected the former commander of the National Battalion “Azov”, currently Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament – Editor) MP Andrey Biletskiy, known for his neo-Nazi views, to be their leader.

The political scientist explained that, in Ukraine, the “‘crisis of ideas’, the crisis of the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ is naturally developing” as a result of military, political and economic crises.

In such a problematic society, which is torn by internal conflicts and being filled with hatred on a daily basis, a small, though very active and aggressive group has gradually emerged. It mainly consists of the representatives of youth, whose developing and unbalanced psyche together with youthful black-and-white thinking and nihilism are the perfect basis for the establishment of utopian, radical and inhuman ideological practices,” the expert said.

The political scientist stressed that this also happens “with generous support of the overseas actors, who are interested in the ‘Anti-Russian Ukraine’” and under the patronage, together with the condonation of Ukrainian authorities, especially their military structures.

It must be said straight away that the organization and its leader proclaim the politically correct ‘far-right’ ideas, which quite often take the form of open and unconcealed neo-Nazism and fascism. That is why the United States House of Representatives banned the financing of the training of ‘Azov’ regiment in 2015 in order to preserve the reputation… By the way, Biletskiy has earned himself a ‘party’ nickname none other than “White Leader,” Protsenko stressed.

Actually, we are witnessing an attempt of the political initiation and legalization of the stronger radical and Neo-Nazi forces. While before they have had power, de facto, which has been real, though informal and has been essentially based on the ‘law of the strongest’, now they are going to be officially incorporated into the political process as a legalize entity,” the political scientist said.

Unlike the national populists, such as MP Oleg Lyashko, Biletsky is a real, steadfast and ideological Neo-Nazi, which is one of the main reasons of his credibility among the followers.

Such organizations as ‘Azov’, strengthened by the cult of the leader and blind faith of the fanatic followers, are usually acting effectively and violently. Therefore, it is quite possible that if the third Maidan occurs in Ukraine in the near future, it will be of openly Nazi nature and can result in the establishment of real far-right dictatorship in a situation of crisis and overall distortion of public institutions,” the expert projected.

At the earliest opportunity, the Nazis would overthrow Poroshenko, who is winking and flirting with them right now and, at the same time, wholeheartedly willing to demonstrate his ‘pro-European’ position, just because of his ‘insufficient patriotism’,” Protsenko assured.


Source: LuganskInformCenter

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