Lugansk Homeless People Reintegration Center helped 122 clients to find a job

07.10.2016, Lugansk.

Since the beginning of 2016, employees of Lugansk Homeless People Reintegration Center helped 122 clients to find a job, the Head of the Center Elena Kozlova informed during the briefing in the Administration of Lugansk city on October 6th.

 “The employees of our Center are to develop the program of reintegration paying special attention to the circumstances of each specific case. It is assistance in finding a job, educational assistance, psychological diagnostics, help with the arrangement of temporary housing, providing clothes and footwear, sending to the hospitals for medical examination or medical treatment,” she said.

The problem is that many of our clients do not have official documents. Therefore, we are using the press and Internet sources, we are looking for jobs, which will help people to earn money to pay for a passport at least,” Kozlova added.

The Head of the Center also informed that, since the beginning of 2016, its employees directed 413 people to the hospitals for medical examination.

We help our clients in finding accommodation. In our Center, we have a database on renting of cheap housing. Moreover, the employees of the Center help to find relatives and friends via the Internet, in other words, those people, who can provide assistance to our clients,” she noted.

Kozlova said that the specialists of the Center of Reintegration are using new approaches and forms of support to homeless people.

We arrange seminars and training to develop skills in finding a job or housing. Doctors give lectures on the prevention of particularly dangerous diseases. Psychologists give recommendations helping in the self-development and enhancing the self-evaluation system,” the Head of the Center explained.

We also organize free movie screenings for the clients of our Center in the movie theaters of Lugansk. We are also planning to arrange the visits to theaters and various exhibitions,” she added.

The Head of the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Population Galina Naumenko informed that 342 people are registered in Lugansk city Center of Homeless People Reintegration.


Source: LuganskInformCenter

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