Locals plundered a supermarket near Odessa

06.10.2016, Odessa.

“Virtus” supermarket was plundered in Yuzhny town of Odessa region, journalist Olga Golovenko reported in Facebook.

“Virtus” supermarket in Yuzhny town of Odessa region was plundered during one of the corporate raids. The day before the supermarket lost its building. All the goods and equipment were moved to the street. Late in the night local residents took most of the food and other goods of the supermarket with them. The goods left in the street were loaded in cars or taken in shopping carts; food was carried in the arms. Security did not oppose the plunder.

Earlier, on September 8th, unidentified people attempted to take over a supermarket in Odessa city. They broken in a “Virtus” supermarket and started breaking shop windows. According to the eyewitnesses, the police was inactive.


Source: Vognebroda.net

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