Italian delegation in DPR visits Saint-Iversky monastery (photo report)

02.10.2016, DPR.

International monitors arrived to Donetsk People’s Republic due to the primary elections in the country. Among the delegates, Donetsk was visited by a well-known Italian analyst, writer and public figure Giulietto Chiesa, member of the regional council of Piedmont (Italy) Mauricio Marrone and our old friends, journalist and historian Eliseo Bertolasi.

On September 1 we met the guests and organized a trip to Oktyabrsky village destroyed by Ukrainian artillery and the area of Donetsk airport. We showed the Saint-Iversky Monastery — the place which had already become sacred to us, the place where Essence of Time unit suffered its first losses.

Being in the minority, Giulietto Chiesa and Eliseo Bertolasi fight their fight on the Italian informational front, demonstrating the essence of what is going on in Ukraine, covering the war in Donbass from its very beginning, discussing the global events and the future of Europe.

In the evening an informal meeting too place, during which the members of Essence of Time mission in Donbass got the chance to talk to Italian comrades and discuss a number of important issues. We are going to tell about this meeting in more detail.




Left to right: Mauricio Marrone, Giulietto Chiesa, Essence of Time unit member Kot, Eliseo Bertolasi




Essence of Time unit in Donbass

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