Art strikes fascism — exposition in Donetsk Art Museum (photo report)

02.10.2016, Donetsk.

On September 29 we visited Donetsk Republican Art Museum, where an Great Patriotic War antifascist drawing exposition takes place.

Exhibited are the drawings of famous Soviet artists who fought in the Great Patriotic War – B. Efimov, B. Klinch, N. Zhukov, B. Prorokov, A. Zhitomirsky, I. Kharkevich. A total of approximately 150 drawings presented by the Moscow Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War.


Antifascist drawings and cartoons of Boris Efimov inspired our soldiers. Offended by the cartoons, Joseph Goebbels ordered to add artist A. Zhitomirsky to the “Find and Hang!” list.

Soldiers of the Red Army did not let the orders of fascist commanders come to life. Faces of fascists, who were full of despair and fear of vengeance during the Nuremberg trials, were drawn by I. Kharkevich and N. Zhukov.


The artists fought the enemy’s propaganda with their art and demonstrated not only the power of the sword, by also the power of informational-psychological resistance. Now, alongside with the residents of the young Republic, just like 70 years ago, they fight the evil that stepped out from the shadows.

In November the exhibition will move to Lugansk People’s Republic. It will include new drawings presented by the Moscow museum.

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