Memorial to antifascist underground resistance members unveiled in Donetsk (photo report)

28.09.2016, Donetsk.

Yesterday a monument to Donetsk antifascist underground resistance members and prisoners of Nazi concentration camps was unveiled in Donetsk near the memorial “To the Victims of Fascism”. The monument immortalized the deed of five girls who saved 240 prisoners of the death camp, which stood here, during the Great Patriotic War. Kapitolina Kostrykina, Klava Baranchikova, Maria Noskova, Shura Vasileva and Zina Polonchuk were captured by fascists and executed.

Despite the rain, hundreds of residents of Donetsk arrived to the unveiling ceremony, Republic officials were present. Alla Ignatievna Stepanova, who was a child prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp and survived by miracle, gave a speech at the memorial.

Today, in the days of the war against Bandera Nazism, Donbass particularly acutely feels the tie connection with the warriors who died to liberate our land from German Nazism. No one is forgotten! Nothing is forgotten!




“Here in 1941-1943, during the occupation of Stalino (Donetsk), stood the concentration camp, in which fascists destroyed tens of thousands of prisoners of war and civilians. Five brave girls, members of the underground, Z. Polonchuk, K. Kastrykina, K. Baranchikova, A. Vasilieva, M. Noskova saved 240 people from death. Soon the girls were executed. Let their deed be glorified through the ages. No one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten!!!”




Essence of Time unit in Donbass

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