Ukrainian military drone forced to the ground in Debaltsevo (photos)

25.09.2016, Debaltsevo.

Yesterday the servicemen of LPR People’s Militia intercepted and forced to land a Ukrainian UAV. After inspection it was established that this PD-1 type unmanned aerial vehicle was equipped with two improvised missiles, which were supposed to be used for provocations on LPR territory. Judging by the trajectory of the flight it can be assumed that the UAV was moving in the direction of Lugansk.

People’s Militia sappers established that the charges contain improved plastic explosives, a special fuse, which is triggered by hitting the ground or an object, and submunition. The charges are equivalent to 3 kg of TNT.


Despite the fact that the use of UAV is banned by Minsk Agreements, the Ukrainian side daily attempts to conduct air reconnaissance of frontline areas of DPR and LPR. During the past week six flights of Ukrainian army UAVs were registered in the area of responsibility of LPR People’s Militia, Kalinovo, Lozovoye, Debaltsevo, Pervomaysk towns and villages. Ukrainian UAVs also were spotted flying on the routes used by OSCE’s drones, thus creating a threat to the safety of the flights of the mission’s drones.


PD-1AF UAV. Factory No.; Production date.
USFC-100. Factory No. 001. Production date 08/16


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