September 12 Essence of Time unit in Donbass report (with map)

12.09.2016, DPR.

Artillery and tank shelling of towns and villages of Donetsk People’s Republic continues. Ukrainian sabotage groups are active on the territory of the Republic. The enemy continues to reinforce its forces at the frontline with heavy hardware and artillery.

In the evening Ukrainian army shelled Zaytsevo village north of Gorlovka by tanks. Yasinovataya, as well as Sakhanka and Spartak villages were shelled. There was information regarding destruction and casualties.

Yesterday a terrorist act took place in Shakhtersk town 50 minutes before midnight. The explosive charge was planted on the exterior of the military enlistment office. The guard of the institution received multiple shrapnel wounds as a result of the explosion. An IED, time bomb, was discovered near the building of military enlistment office in Khartsisk. DPR Ministry of State Security uncovered a sabotage group in Yasinovataya consisting of underage children recruited and blackmailed by agents of Ukrainian security services. The group blew up a number of vehicles of civilians and servicemen of DPR army.

DPR recon spotted “Gvozdika” self-propelled artillery guns and two APCs in the occupied Novotroitskoye village. Six tanks and four infantry fighting vehicles arrived to Priovrazhonye village.

According to the specified data, yesterday, on September 12, the enemy fired over 100 shells at the territory of the Republic, artillery was used almost 60 times. Gorlovka, Vasilevka and Spartak villages north of Donetsk, Dokuchaevsk, as well as Leninskoye and Sakhanka villages in the south of DPR were shelled.


Essence of Time unit in Donbass

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