Ukrainian State Security forces relatives of militiamen to give false confessions

09.09.2016, Donbass.

SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) officers force the relatives of LPR People’s Militia servicemen, who live in the territories occupied by Kiev junta, to give testimonies, the press service of the Ministry for State Security of Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) informed.

Vyacheslav Statnik, the son of LPR servicewoman, spent several days in the cellar of Severodonetsk SBU Department on charge of ties to a ‘female terrorist’ ”, the press service informed.

A man born in Slavyanoserbsky district, temporarily residing in Kharkov, decided to come back home. However, he was detained by the Ukrainian military at the checkpoint in Lisichansk town.

I was detained by the Ukrainian military on the pretext that my mother is ‘separatist’ serving in LPR Armed Forces. Later, I was handed over to SBU officers. A black car without license plates arrived. Two men in balaclavas and camouflages with no insignia left the car. I was forced into the car, handcuffed, they put a plastic bag on my head and took me to an unknown location,” Statnik explained.

In the night, when there were only guards, they brought me into a separate room and forced me to give testimonies by beating. There were several people in the neighboring prison cells, we were forced to get up and to chant Ukrainian slogans and sing the national anthem. Those, who did not know the anthem, were beaten savagely”, he said.

SBU officers tried to force the “suspected” to give information of military nature which, in their view, was in his possession. Statnik had to sign several documents without knowing their content due to the subjection to physical and psychological pressure. He was released after that.

They gave me some documents to sign without explaining their content and without taking a plastic bag off my head. They just put my hand where I had to sign,” the victim said.

The Ministry for State Security asked the people to give the information on the cases of illegal acts on the part of the Ukrainian military, the so-called “volunteer battalions” (punitive nationalist battalions – Editor), Ukrainian police, and SBU officers.


Source: LuganskInformCenter

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