Ukrainian ‘pro-Russian’ TV channel set on fire, receives threats from Kiev official

07.09.2016, Kiev.

The Head of the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcast Yuri Artemenko stated that the content of the broadcast was the reason the building of TV channel “Inter” was set on fire. He noted on air of “112 Ukraine” channel that the threat of the TV studio being burned to the ground and its employees being killed remains.

He reminded that the Council warned the TV channel that it needs to change the content of its broadcast.

We said: guys, in this world, when mothers die, be careful. ‘Ukraine’ (TV channel – Editor) was bathed in blood, your channel got set on fire. If you won’t take a grip on yourself, tomorrow you’ll get shot and nobody will do anything about it,” the Head of the National Council noted.

Artemenko also stated that it is necessary to propose a law in the Parliament, which would allow the National Council to revoke licenses of channels that “incite hatred“. “We are afraid and will adopt (this law – Editor) only when ‘Inter’ will be burned to the ground,” he noted.

Earlier on Wednesday the Head of Ukrainian Interior Ministry stated that “Inter” TV channel might have provoked its editorial building in Kiev being set on fire.

On September 6 the Council of Europe and U.S. State Department condemned that assault of the radicals on the TV channel’s building and urged the Ukrainian authorities to interfere in the situation.

On September 5 approximately 50 radicals blocked the roads leading to “Inter’s” building. They explained that they see Russia being behind the policy of the TV channel. Later they demanded to stop broadcasting “anti-Ukrainian news” and left.

The building was set on fire on September 4. 45 people were evacuated from the editorial building, five were hospitalized. Later the police set free six people detained for arson.

In April 2016 unidentified people spilled red liquid in the reception of “Ukraine” TV channel in Kiev.



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