War Movie Week starts in DPR, films about Great Patriotic War will be screened

06.09.2016, DPR,

Russian State Film Fund handed the collection “Unknown Films about the Great Patriotic War” (Great Patriotic War is the name used to refer to the part of World War II which started with the invasion of Nazis into the Soviet Union and ended with the Red Banner over Reichstag and defeat of Nazis from the hands of the Soviet people – Editor) to Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). The screenings will take place in the Republic on September 5th-11th, the acting Minister of Culture of DPR Mikhail Zheltyakov said to the Donetsk News Agency Reporter on September 5th.

During the celebration of Miner’s Day, a collection of previously unknown films was brought to Donetsk by the representatives of Donbass Community in Moscow. ‘Rainfall’, ‘The One, Who Comes Back, Will Love You Until the End’, ‘Antosha Rybkin’, ‘Way to the Stars’ and other films are included in the collection,” the Minister explained.

Most of the films were created during the Great Patriotic War. For example, “Way to the stars”, directed by Eduard Pentslin, was produced in 1942, “Native Fields”, the film about the Head of kolkhoz (a form of collective farm in the Soviet Union – Editor) and his fellow-villagers, was the first work directed by the famous Soviet actor Boris Babochkin.

Film screening dedicated to the Day of Donbass Liberation from the Nazis also involves the film adaptation of the famous novels and plays, musicals, and war-times heroic comedies”, Mikhail Zheltyakov mentioned.

The film screenings are scheduled for September 5th-11th. They will take place in the Movie and Cultural Center “Kino-Kult”, the Shevchenko Movie House, Movie Theater “Zvezdochka”, and Krupskaya Donetsk Republic Universal Central Scientific and Practical Library. The event is free.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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