New life of DPR “Progress” mine (photo report)

26.08.2016, DPR.

On August 24 the workers of “Progress” mine of Torez town launched the second longwall after two years of down time. The acting DPR Minister of Coal and Energy Eduard Golenko participated in the opening of the new roadway.


The main horizon of the longwall is 1213 meters underground. It provided an output of 1000-1200 tons of coal per 24 hours since February 2013. But in the summer of 2014 the 5th south longwall was drowned due to massive shelling, the pile driver was damaged and the electrical substation was destroyed.



And now, two years later, for Miner’s Day, workers drained over a million of cubic meters of water, removed all the equipment which got out of order during this time, installed new equipment and relaunched the 5th southern longwall.



The enterprise is of large importance to the economy of the Republic. Total industrial reserves of the mine are evaluated to be 90 million tons.





“Essence of Time” unit in Donbass

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