Donetsk school destroyed by Ukrainian shelling ready again to open doors for children

22.08.2016, Donetsk.

Donetsk school No. 13 destroyed by Ukrainian shelling has been restored and is ready to teach 365 schoolchildren on September 1st, according to the Principal Natalia Gorbacheva, Donetsk News Agency informed on August 21st.

During the war in August 2014, Ukrainian projectile destroyed the gym of Donetsk school No. 13. However, the classes in the school continued. The roof has been restored, and the interior finishing work is going to be completed by the beginning of the school year. The repair works are performed by a local construction firm as part of the national program for the repair of the educational facilities. Building materials used have been delivered by Russia as humanitarian aid by so-called ‘white convoys’ (trucks of the Russian humanitarian convoys to Donbass are colored in white – Editor).

Just a few finishing touches has to be put, and the school will open its doors. On Knowledge Day (in Ukraine, Russia and a number of other former Soviet republics this term is used to refer to the 1st of September, the day when the school year traditionally starts – Editor), 365 schoolchildren will come to the school,” the Head of the School summed up.

In Donetsk People’s Republic, repair of educational and child care institutions destroyed and damaged by the military actions continues. 787 kindergartens, schools, and higher education institutions were damaged. 280 of them have been fully restored, and about 270 are being repaired. This year, more than 130 thousand schoolchildren including more than 14 thousand first-graders will go to schools.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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