Update on our injured comrades Ruyan and Schuka. Day 49.

21.08.2016, DPR.

A lot had happened since we asked for help.

Ruyan, having received the necessary operative treatment of his arm, face and eyes, had to go to Leningrad for a complicated eye surgery. On August 4 he was operated, but without positive results. We sent the notes of the doctors to other leading eye clinics of Moscow and Rostov. After receiving the reply from Rostov our only hope is Moscow. We wait for the medical advice of the specialists. We hope for the best. Ruyan is energetic, and, as a real Siberian, is prepared to fight and win.
After intensive treatment in the burn center, Schuka was transferred to neurosurgery for rehabilitation. His multiple wounds didn’t heal yet, but it is currently important not to lose time and maintain muscles and ligaments in order to later restore the ability to move the right part of the body. Approximately in two months he will undergo a left eye surgery, which will also have to take place in Russia, since there is no corresponding equipment in Donetsk. Fortunately his right eye wasn’t too much damaged and eyesight is slowly restoring, allowing Schuka to see his friends, wife, daughter. He is also energetic, jokes, and is firmly convinced that he will recover. Just as we are.

We intended to announce what amount of money we need to raise for the guys, but currently, for objective reasons, cannot do that. As soon as we will have the final plan of operations and treatment, we will make an announcement. But it is already obvious that no less than was already spent will be needed. Even 5 or 10 Euros from you will be big help on the path to recovery of the defenders of Donbass.

As of 09.08 through the “Essence of Time” unit in Donbass Vkontakte social network group a total of 178,9 thousand rubles (approximately 2477 Euros) were raised.

As of 11.08 a total of 173,1 thousand rubles (approximately 2400 Euros) were spent on operations, medicine, food, transportation, care, help for their families.

Thank you to everyone who is helping our guys!


If you want to help, here is where you can send your contribution for Ruyan and Schuka:

Paypal: EoT.DPR@mail.ru

“Essence of Time” unit in Donbass

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