Ukrainian volunteer: Kiev’s militants came to Donbass to rob, rape and kill

10.08.2016, Ukraine.

Ukrainian civilian volunteer Lilia Bolbat, also known as Lilia Ukrainskaya, claimed that many of Kiev’s militants participated in the war in Donbass not due to their patriotic feelings, but to profit and to have a chance to rob, plunder, kill and kidnap people to receive ransom. She wrote about this on her Facebook page on August 10.

Do you want me to tell you how a dozen soldiers kidnapped a young girl and raped her for 10 days in a row, until that child died? How they stopped every car passing by and took a toll. How they held people in basements and beat them, demanding money, how they participated in illegal takeovers (presumably, of enterprises, but this might include other property, such as churches – Editor),” Bolbat wrote.

According to her, Ukrainian “heroes” fled their positions at the very first sight of danger. “We found syringes, alcohol bottles, some kind of pot and loads of packaging of new consumer electronics from shopping malls of Donetsk and other cities,” she noted, adding that militants who abused local civilians were in almost every division of the Ukrainian army.

Yesterday Ukrainian blogger Vladimir Boyko published proof of child molestation by “Tornado” punitive battalion militants in Donbass. In particular he published a video with testimonies of victims and photos of tortures in which the militants presumably participated.

On August 7 Ukrainian MP Tatyana Chernovol claimed that when “Tornado” punitive company militants were arrested, their phones were confiscated. In the phones videos of rapes were found. One of the videos features a baby, Chernovol emphasized.



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