Head of LPR’s audio address published on his official website

06.08.2016, LPR.

An audio address of the Head of Lugansk People’s Republic, who survived an assassination attempt earlier today, was published on his official website. He put the responsibility for the event on Ukrainian authorities backed, according to him, by the United States.

I want to reassure the citizens – I am well and alive. Any attempts to speculate on my health are intrigues of Ukrainian accomplices among our ranks,” he noted.

The war is not over, and the Ukrainian government is backed by U.S. intelligence agencies, the ones that try to rock the situation in Ukraine, and in the world in general,” the Head of LPR noted.

According to Plotnitsky, the people who try to overthrow the legitimate authorities in LPR are provocateurs.

The Head of LPR urged everyone to stay calm. “Nothing serious happened,” he said and ensured that soon will be back to work.

Plotnitsky’s car was blown up in the morning of August 6 in Lugansk. At that moment Head of LPR was with his bodyguards and driver. As the Ministry of State Security of the Republic informed, the explosive device was set near the traffic lights.

Several people were injured. Plotnitsky was operated and is currently stable.

Kiev claims that the Ukrainian side has nothing to do with the assassination attempt.


Source: Lenta.ru

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