Militants in Yerevan surrender to authorities, hostages freed

01.08.2016, Yerevan.

The anti-terrorist operation aimed at clearing the territory of the police station in Yerevan from militants is over. All members of the armed “Sasna Tsrer” group that captured the building surrendered to the authorities. 20 people are detained, the territory of the police station is free to of militants, “Interfax” news agency reports citing the National Security Service of Armenia.

The militants decided to surrender at 18:00 Berlin time on July 31.

Out of almost 30 militants only about 20 were left, the rest were heavily injured. Law enforcement and special forces were inside the police station, the militants had a choice – to fight to the end, or to surrender.

Earlier on July 31 militants released two hostages, another two, doctor Norair Tevanyan and nurse Malina Markaryan, managed to escape the building when they were carrying out the wounded. At that moment all medics taken hostage on July 27, were free.

On July 30 National Security Service of Armenia issued an ultimatum to the militants, demanding to surrender until 15:00 Berlin time. Some time later militants opened fire and shot a policeman dead.

The police station in Yerevan was captured on July 17. Police colonel was killed during the attack, another three Interior Ministry servicemen were injured. The militants demanded the resignation of President Serzh Sargsyan and for the leader of the radical opposition movement “New Armenia” Zhirair Sefilyan, arrested in late June on the charges of illegal possession of firearms, to be set free.

When the police station was captured, protesters gathered outside the building in support of terrorists inside. At the same time, propaganda aimed against the current President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan was being posted online.



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